How To Offer Contact Free Payment

Ideally, with the Covid-19 pandemic in full swing, we should all be aiming for contact free payment. If you can offer contact free payment, you can also offer contact free delivery (leaving orders somewhere safe and possibly also calling to confirm it’s been dropped off). This is the safest way for our community moving forwards!

How can you offer this? Below are a few options.

#1 – If you have an eftpos terminal, use that. Most eftpos terminals allow you to take payment over the phone and to do a card free transaction by entering in the card details while the customer is relaying them over the phone. If you’re unsure how to do this on your terminal, call your local bank or google the instruction manual for your terminal model.

#2 – Square! If you haven’t got an eftpos terminal – consider square. It’s super simple, cheap and has an effective user interface. I have used this myself! You can purchase simple little terminal attachments that plug into your phone and accept card payments – VIEW HERE – but you can also create an account and accept payments over the phone just on your computer, without any extra attachments or terminals.  Don’t be confused, they may suggest buying a terminal – you don’t need one! For card free transactions through the square website, it is a 2.2% processing fee.  You can join Square HERE.

#3 – Paypal! If you already have a paypal account, this is an easy option. Also, if customers choose “send money to friends and family” (which you can encourage/ask them to do) then you won’t be charged any fees either. If you don’t have paypal, you can signup but keep in mind you have to generally prove ownership of your bank account which can take 1-2 weeks. When you’re setup on paypal, you can setup a “ link”. It’s simple to do and creates your own URL you can share with your customers. They can then “send you money” by just going to your link, to pay for their order. Ask them to include their name in the notes, and select “friends and family” for fee free payments. You can setup your own page: HERE. This is a great way for people to make payments online eg. not over the phone!

4. Invoice To Me – if it’s important to create invoices for each order, for your records, I reccomend – it’s a free invoice platform. I use this myself. You just go to the website, edit the document, add your logo, edit the fields and the download the completed invoice. Down the bottom you can add direct payment methods and can include your link for example, or bank details for direct transfer. You could also ask people to call you directly to pay over the phone. This is a simple, easy, free method for invoicing. You can checkout Invoice to me HERE.

5. Create a PayID – A PayID is a quick and effective way for people to send you money using online banking. You can create a PayID for yourself usually within your mobile banking app. If it isn’t clear, call your bank and ask them to explain the process or set one up for you. Your PayID is a unique (usually short) number that links to your bank account so when sending money, people can just enter your PayID instead of your bank account and BSB. If you’re accepting a lot of bank transfers, this is an easy way to avoid mistakes. For more information on what PayID is, you can click HERE.

6. Bank Transfer – Of course, providing your BSB and account number is an effective way as well. Not being instant and sometimes taking 3+ days to process, this isn’t an ideal solution, however if you have an account – it’s an immediate way to offer contact free delivery. You can also ask your customer to screenshot you or email you a payment confirmation.


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